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Le Vent wishes to thank:

my wonderful mother, Alex Martynuk, Andriy Galetskiy, Vitaliy Tereschuk, Yana Savchuk, Andriy Osypchuk,
Maxim Anisimov, Dmitry Kuzmenko, Mati Sanchez Perez, Ivan Kalchenko,
Cynthia, Volodymyr Savchuk, Olya


Andrew Travin, Nina,
Peter Profetto (,
Juriy Polyakov's animated .gif collection,
Elena Ryzhakova, WildCat, MagicGirl, ChatPortal.Ru — for gallery ehxibits

Thanks to catalogs and searching systems:


Vitaliy Tereshchuk wishes to thank:

• his parents, relatives and friends – for patience and understanding;
• Le Vent – for sincere friendship of many years and for offer to be a programmer of this site.

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